I firmly believe that each individual has the potential to be their best self every day.

Wear your own best colour and style and look younger and slimmer. Apply your makeup and add accessories to suit your lifestyle. Find your best skin care routine and take good care of your body. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and feel great. Be your own best and feel beautiful all day every day.

My  journey in this field was ignited by a deep passion for health and beauty. 

My venture into Annique Rooibos dates back to 2001 when I sought to bring balance to my life. At that time, I was engrossed in the demanding world of accountancy. I yearned for a change that not only offered a different path but also allowed me to make a meaningful impact while creating an additional source of income. My journey commenced by personally experiencing the benefits of our products and sharing these remarkable results with my close-knit circle of family and friends. Fast forward to 2018, I made the resolute decision to qualify for the overseas incentive trip to Alaska. Since then I qualified for 3 trips and enjoy a lifestyle I love.

Our last trip to Amsterdam 

This prompted me to diligently build a team and empower fellow consultants to embark on the same transformative journey, ultimately leading me to bid adieu to the corporate world.