1. Make a good first impression.
2. Grow your numbers: When you start recruiting and building your business, there is security in numbers. People come and go. Four or five out of ten people say yes to the business opportunity and two or three out of ten actually  stay.
3. Keep the balance: Ensure you have a wide Level 1 to build at least five strong legs. Don’t rely on one or two stars to produce your volume.
4. Identify high-potential Consultants: recruit people who have a desire to succeed and move up.
5. Make it a habit to broaden your reach by asking yourself who would be interested in the business; why they would be interested; and how you will approach them.
6. When expanding your network, ask yourself if you are adding to your Project 100 list every day. If not, are you meeting enough people? Are you talking about the business with at least one person a day?
7. Use MLM (Multi-level Marketing) to grow your business. If you can recruit Consultants and develop them to recruit more Consultants, your Network will grow itself and you will benefit from the indirect income.
8. Set a goal as to how many people you want to recruit each week and devise a plan to make it happen.
9. Show people that you genuinely care. Annique is not just about selling, it’s about changing people’s lives.
10. You do not have to know everything about everything before you may market the Annique Business Opportunity. All it requires, is for you to share your enthusiasm and experience with others.