1.  Spray the fragrance at the back of your neck, just before the hairline.
2. The best way to apply a fragrance is to mist the fragrance out in front of  you and walk through it before dressing.
3. Many perfumes can stain clothes, hence the suggestion to apply before  getting dressed.
4. Don’t dab or rub your wrists – this bruises the fragrance and damages the oils in it, causing the scent to not last as long or smell the way it should.
5. Misting your hair is a great idea too, because hair holds fragrance really well- Hold your arm out as far as possible and mist in front of you, so that it will land on your head as you walk through.
6. lf you are really having a problem making your fragrance last, spray or apply some to a cotton pad or ball and place it in your bra. This will help the scent linger all day.

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