1. Experience the freedom to go as far as you want: Nothing in this business will keep you from achieving your goals, except a lack of persistent effort. You are not limited by your education, your past experience, where you are in the company hierarchy (there isn’t any), or
    whether or not your “boss” likes you. If you have a goal to become the #1 income earner – you can do it.
  2. Earn money even when you are not “working”: You are part of a team, so your time is leveraged and you generate residual income even if you are not actively working. No longer will you have to save up vacation time or worry about sick days or losing income if you need
    time off. This business model generates “recurring revenue” which pays you over and over for your initial efforts.
  3. Fulfill your dreams, not someone else’s: All your efforts generate income for you – not some big company with overheads and layers of employees. As you build your business, you get your life back while earning more than you ever dreamed possible. This business model is
    part of the New Economy – an economy where you are no longer enslaved to someone else’s requirements – but can actually make your own dreams come true.
  4. Ready to take control, take back your life and make your dreams a reality? Start every day with something you love. With your Annique Business you will be so excited about your day, that you don’t need an alarm clock. When what you’re doing has meaning and purpose, when what you have to offer changes your life and the lives of the people you care about, you look forward to each day!
  5. Love who you work with: Joining the Annique team and building your downline will mean that you get to work with people you genuinely love and appreciate. As you build your business, you naturally share it with people you know and care about – people you WANT to be in business with! With the support you receive from Home Office you will feel that you
    are part of a caring family.
  6. You decide: Your business does not require you to “go into the office” so you can conduct business from your home and around your families’ activities when you choose to. Your Annique business is an unique business model: it is about sharing ideas, concepts, and products that you wholeheartedly believe in. You can do this on your cellphone, at the supermarket, in your home office, or even at school when you collect your child.
  7. Get paid what you deserve: Your income reflects your own efforts, because you grow your business at your own pace. No longer are you subject to the financial limits and targets of a typical company. You can literally make as much money as you want, based on your own efforts.
  8. Become successful by helping others be successful: Unlike most companies which foster competitiveness, this business model promotes teamwork. You build and train your team using the processes and templates provided by Annique, and the more you help your team to be successful, the more you benefit as well. This is a truly a business of helping people in every sphere of their lives and yours.

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