Dr Annique Theron founded Annique Health and Beauty in 1971 after discovering the properties of Rooibos in 1968 helped her baby daughter overcome allergies

The Annique Rooibos Baby range was one of the first products introduced in the range

You only have one skin. It is important to take good care of skin.

Having a good Daily Skin Care Routine can prevent ageing.  Invest in a good quality product like Annique Rooibos Products containing Rooibos extract in all products. 

Skin care range include:

Daily skin care Dry and Mature skin

Daily skin care Normal and Combination skin

Daily skin car Oily and Problem skin

Essense Treatment repair skin care

Forever Young Anti-ageing skin care

Take care of your body With Miracle Tissue Oil Body range luxuriously nourishing the ultimate treatment in body care.

Solve skin conditions with Rescue Range

Never leave house without proper Sun Protection

Money can’t buy health. Adopt a healthy Lifestyle

Rooibos Research showed lots of health benefits Add Rooibos and herb tea as part of your daily routine and solve different health conditions the natural way

Rooibos Lifestyle Shake is a complete multivitamin shake to add or replace a meal if you want to loose weight

Add the correct Forever Healthy supplements and stay healthy building your immune system