Practical tips to duplicate yourself

It is crucial that all Consultants understand the importance of meeting the needs of their existing customers and Consultants. To be successful and grow your business, you need to constantly focus on acquiring new customers and Consultants. One way to do this and be successful in the direct selling arena is to duplicate and replicate yourself.

Mastering the elevator speech
An elevator speech is a two to three minute description of the benefits of your business opportunity or product, presented in the time it takes for an elevator to go from the top floor to the ground floor of a building. Tell your story and the Annique story in a way that makes the prospect want to know more about you and your business. It is most important to let the potential client or new recruit know how the Annique opportunity benefits them. Establish the new recruits’ wants and needs and demonstrate how Annique can provide the solution.

Apply the ‘One Meter Rule’
Offer everyone within one meter the business opportunity or product solutions
How do you approach someone who is in a one meter radius? You simply greet them in a friendly manner, with a standard greeting like ‘Hello, how are you doing?’ ‘Good to see you’. Always make your approach when circumstances and conditions are favourable. Ask, anyone, anywhere, anytime, always Annique.

Establish credibility and a relationship
Share how the business opportunity or products have improved yours and other people’s lives.

Prepare the prospect
Share your knowledge and know your product. We all know the saying, ‘Knowledge is power’, but it is what you do with your knowledge that will determine your success. If you aren’t passionate and love Annique’s products, how can you expect your clients to love it?

Establish your prospects needs
Ask a question of your prospective client or Consultant to find out what his or her needs are. Listen carefully to the answer and then ask another question – the more information you have, the better.

Sell features and benefits of the Annique products in the form of stories
Show your customer how Annique’s products will make their life better and what sets our products apart from other brands. One example is that 95% of our products contain Rooibos Extract or Green Rooibos Extract. Use the selling stories of Annique’s products to gain trust in the product.

Manage objections
Objections do not mean no! It is your prospects way of saying: ‘Convince me, give me more information.‘ ‘I haven’t got the money now’ means they want to buy, but not now, so you have to help them find a way such as a deposit, lay-bye or assist them with a Pamper Party.
Remember to mention to your new prospect we have more ranges and touch on each range
Tell your new prospect there are over 300 products in the range. This is a way that you will positively add on extra sales. This way she will know that this is a company that means business.

Ask for the sale
How many would you like to order this month and should I add a Revitalising Cream?

Close the sale
How would you like to pay – cash, EFT or credit card? Read the buying signals and don’t keep on talking or selling long after the client is willing to buy. Make the close with a warm invitation to try and to buy.

Follow up regularly and be a true service provider
Keep notes of the run-out date of your client’s supplements or skin care products to ensure that you initiate a repeat order, prior to them running out of their current products.