Complete your Project 10×10 List
Your Project 10×10 List will be the tool to assist you in kick starting your business. It will give you guidance on where to find your new potential customers and future Consultants.
This list should contain the names of all the people you know throughout the whole of South Africa. The easiest people to approach would be your family, friends and colleagues. They are called your ‘warm sphere of influence’. They are easy to talk to and will go out of their way to help you succeed.

Do not exclude people simply because you doubt their interest or their financial situation. EVERYONE is a potential customer or Consultant. Each name is a potential source of customers or Consultants. If your list does not contain at least one hundred names, you are probably excluding people. Ensure this list contains at least 100 names. Keep this list up to date by adding the names of every person you meet each day.

A good place to start is your cellphone, go through the names and write them down – don’t forget the dentist and doctor’s receptionists

Another good platform to use to remind yourself of people in your network is Facebook. Go through your ‘Friends List’ on Facebook and write down their names.

From your Project 10×10 List tick names of people who:
1. Would enjoy a facial
2. Could be a hostess for a Pamper Party, Foot Spa Party, Lifestyle Slimming Club
3. Could be an Annique Consultant
4. Ask everyone for five referrals

Now that your new recruit’s Project 10×10 LIST is being completed, use the list to start contacting your ‘warm sphere of influence’ and ask them to host a Pamper Party for you. Book your first Pamper Party for the following week.

Use your Project 10×10 List to arrange appointments with four friends and demonstrate the easy selling products Annique offers • Always ask for five referrals

Put your Annique sticker on your car

Wear your Annique badge, anytime, anywhere, always

To join as Annique Independent Consultant Contact 082 440 1790 or email