We tend to work hard and not care about the our health until we older and then realize money can’t buy health.

Start with changing your daily eating habits to more healthy choices and make a lifestyle change. This is the reason why people gain weight after any weight loss program and most of the time gain more

I adopted the Anique lifestyle habit and lost over 10kg but over a year
I drink 8 glasses of water per day Start with one in the morning when I wake up and end with one before I go to bed and during the every second hour on the hour to help me remember
I replace my breakfast with Annique Lifestyle shake
I cut out sugar and carbs and eat only meat/ poultry with salads and vegetables.

You can add OptiFlora a probiotic to help the enzymes in the gut and Zerotox to remove the toxins from the body. You can also mix Detox, Green and Metabolsim Rooibos Tea and drink during the day.

Annique Health and Beauty with Rooibos is a natural and healthy way to treat your body and stay healthy and have a wide range of products to assist in any health conditions.

For a Free health analysis complete the Health analysis form and email to info@annamariecraven.co.za.  We will send the results via email.