Herewith indication received from Home Office

Our Annique Lifestyle Shake, Annique Rooibos tea and Annique herbal teas are halaal.

Our Forever Healthy capsules are all halaal friendly.

The capsules are made from bovine (cattle) gelatin and not pork gelatin.

However the only difference between Annique’s softgel and hardgel is the manufacturing process of these capsules.

The OptiFlora is a vegetarian capsule. (vegicap)

Our softgel capsules supplier “Gelita South Africa” has certification from the Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust.

Our Bovine Hard Gelatine Capsules are manufactured by “Suheung Vietnam Co. Ltd” and has an I.C.C.V. Halal certificate (Certificate nr 003-2018) as well as Kosher Certification