Successful people have successful habits. Create habits that will help you reach your dreams and goals

1. Spend time with God

2. Listen to a motivational message

3. Read

4. Review dreams and goals

5. Excersize and eat healthy


Habits prepare you for your future. What you do today determine your future.

How do you establish habits?

Three things required to decide on your habits is knowledge, to know what to do, skills to know how to do it and desire, the will to want to do it.


 Steps to incorporate new habits

Set a 21 day goal
Do it consistently for 21 days. Use calendar see it on the calendar. Make a vision board and set pictures of the outcome you want.

Start small
Take one minute a day. Listen to motivational videos while in the bath Drink one glass water more a day.

Do it every day
Do it consistent every day

Do it st the same time every day.
Like taking your vitamins before you leave home. Drink one glass water every two hours or after every coffee.

Commit your goal in writing
Write it down and on your vision board .


It you want change in your life change something you do daily!