Complete the quiz and use the questions as a guideline to determine your skin type:

1.  When you wake up in the morning, what does your skin look like?

(a) Dull, blotchy and/or sallow

(b) Normal, but shiny in certain areas

(c) Pimples, breakouts and shiny/greasy

(d) Normal to red

(e) Radiant complexion with no visible pores

2. How does your skin feel during the day?

(a) Dry and sometimes tight

(b) Normal

(c) Dirty and greasy

(d) Irritated, itchy, burning and warm

(e) Normal

3. How often do you want to wash your face?

(a) When necessary, soap makes my skin itch or burn

(b) Twice a day

(c) All the time, my skin never feels clean for long

(d) As little as possible, my skin burns too quickly

(e) Once or twice a day

4. What does your make-up look like by midday?

(a) Make-up tends to look dull and flaky and/or make-up irritates my skin easily

(b) Good, but I will need to re-apply foundation on my nose and forehead

(c) Shiny, as my make-up does not last. I have to apply foundation all the time and blot my skin with a tissue

(d) I do not really want to wear too much make-up, as my skin reacts too quickly; it burns or irritates my skin

(e) Good, I just have to reapply my lipstick

5. How often do you get a breakout?

(a) Never

(b) Sometimes, but just in certain areas

(c) Often

(d) If I do, it is normally small red bumps that are sore and itch or burn

(e) Rarely

6. What is your biggest concern?

(a) Fine lines, premature ageing, dry skin

(b) Nothing really

(c) Pimples, blackheads, shine

(d) Skin is irritated and reacts very quickly to any products

(e) I do not have any major concerns

7. If you could choose only one product, which one would you buy?

(a) Moisturiser

(b) Does not really matter

(c) Cleanser, preferably a gel or soapy cleanser

(d) It depends on which product my skin will not react to

(e) My favourite one, or something on special

8. What does your skin look and feel like after you wash it?

(a) Dry, dehydrated, tight, dull and sometimes flaky areas

(b) Dry and oily in some areas, or mostly normal

(c) It is the only time when it is not shiny

(d) Itchy, red, burning and irritated

(e) Rosy cheeks

9. How often do you feel the need to apply moisturiser?

(a) More than once a day

(b) More on my cheeks than anywhere else or only once a day

(c) I do not really want to apply a moisturiser, due to my oiliness

(d) Depends on the sensitivity of my skin

(e) Average of once a day

10. Describe your T-zone:

(a) It’s dry, just like the rest of my face, with fine pores

(b) Oily and shiny, with open pores

(c) Definitely my problem area – greasy/oily with big open pores

(d) The least sensitive area of my face

(e) No visible pores

Your results

Mostly a’s

You have a dry, dehydrated skin

Use the Annique Lucid range

Mostly b’s en e’s

You have a normal to combination skin

Use the Annique Hydrafine range

Mostly c’s

You have an oily or problem skin

Use the Annique Synergy or Face Facts range

Mostly d’s

You have a sensitive/allergic skin

Use Essense Sensi Crème en Resque Crème