It is important to wear the right colours on your face as it is to wear the right colours in your clothing. Correct make-up colours smooth and clarify your complextion, minimise lines, hide shadows and dark circles and bring face to life.

One big foundation mistake is to assume that pale skin means a cool undertone and vice versa. It’s a total myth that fair skin tones have cool undertones and darker skin tones have warm undertones. Different undertones can be seen across all skin tones. 

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Common foundation mistakes that are ruining your makeup

1. You’re not picking the right foundation shade

The best thing to do is apply the foundation to your jawline where it meets your neck. Let the foundation dry, and then walk outside and check it in natural daylight. Letting foundation dry is especially important because some foundations oxidise on contact with the skin, which can make the finish a little darker, so you might need a lighter shade.

2. You apply too much foundation

Many of us think that we should apply base products all over the face, but this isn’t actually the case and is a common foundation mistake. Too much product on the skin doesn’t look natural. Foundation is about enhancing, not masking – I would always advise using a small amount and then if more is needed, build it up gradually.

3. You don’t consider if your skin tone is warm or cool

If you’re not sure whether your skin tone is warm or cool. You can tell from the way you tan. Cooler tones often tan a rosy/cinnamon shade, and should opt for cooler foundation shades with pink or red undertones. Warmer tones rarely burn and should opt for yellow undertone foundations.

4. You don’t prep your skin properly before applying foundation

Lots of people think that their base products are not doing the trick, or that they just don’t survive the day well but 99% of the time it comes down to the way you prep your skin. It’s really important to find and invest in a simple but effective skincare routine that suits your skin’s needs. Cleanse, moisturise, and treat any concerns. Foundation blends much more smoothly onto well prepped skin. Then, when it comes to applying your makeup, being patient can avoid another common foundation mistake. Once you applied any serums, moisturisers, or eye creams, Let them sit for a minute before starting on the foundation. You need to let your skincare product rest and sink in first; if you don’t, too much product will cause product pilling, which is when it rolls into little balls.

5. You don’t set your makeup properly

Setting your makeup is also important in making your base last all day.

But if unwanted shine does pop up, make sure you have beauty blender sponge to hand. I prefer to use blender to remove excess dewiness because it avoids adding another layer of product to the skin.

6. You’re not using the right tools to apply your foundation

I find brushes give you the best application; they don’t soak up product like sponges tend to do, which also makes them the most hygienic. I turn to sponges when I want a more matte finish, and use them to press off any excess foundation.

But as a top tip, whether you prefer brushes or sponges, always press your foundation in with your fingertips after application. Nothing imitates skin more than your own hands, so by pressing the face gently this will melt the makeup into your face for an even, more natural look.

7. You don’t consider the best formula for your skin type

For dry and mature skin, always opt for Feels Like Silk by Annique. These give so much hydration and can lock in moisture. iIf you have dry skin, too much coverage can actually age the look of your complexion regardless of your prep!

“For oily/combination skin types, opt for a more liquid Velvet Touch by Annique. These are perfect for absorbing excess oil and balance the skin throughout the day. Water-based products are important because they boost the water in the skin which in turn balances oil and controls it.


Find your perfect foundation

BB Cream  with SPF 30 work on all skin types like a tinted moisturiser and help to set the foundation




Replace your mascara every 2-4 months to avoid eye infections.

Use old mascara brush and apply Miracle Tissue Oil twice a day for beautiful lashes

Wear Lipstick

Never leave home without a lipstick