What does it mean to be in Multi Level Networking Marketing ?

We sell quality products and services to our customers

We build a team to do the same earning on their peformance


What can you do to be successful ? 

1. Find your passion

The Annique Rooibos Products range is so wide you can choose any option you love (health, slimming club, make-up, facials )

2. Make friends first then business

Build a relationship with your potential customer or recruit before introducing the products and business opportunity

3. Be your own best self.

Be authentic and sincere and joyful that people can see you love what you do

4. Time management

Use your time wisely and spend quality time on your business

5. Create curiosity

Let people wonder what you do and also want to do the same, working from home in your own time


Decide you can master it and take action to do what it takes to become successful