The Power of Multi-level Marketing

Step 1
Start using the Annique products.
Step 2
Share your experience of these products with others through Pamper Parties and set a goal of how many products you would like to sell and how many Consultants you need to recruit.
Step 3
Share the opportunity of growing your own business and generating your own income, with others. Set a goal of how many other Consultants you would like to recruit.
Step 4
Help your 1st generation Consultants registered in your level one to introduce and develop at least 5 successful Consultants in their first line. Introducing people means to recruit them and then to train and support them until they are ready to train and introduce others in the same way. After all, they are partners in your business and as such they deserve your support. Support is your responsibility and will maintain continuity.

Step 5
Help your first and second generation Consultants to each introduce and develop successful Consultants.

Now you have 30 people in your downline plus yourself:
1st Generation: 5 Consultants
2nd Generation: 25 Consultants
TOTAL: 30 Consultants

Help your second generation (level 2) Consultants to each introduce and develop
5 successful Consultants.
Now you have 155 people in your downline plus yourself:
1st Generation: 5 Consultants
2nd Generation: 25 Consultants
3rd Generation: 125 Consultants
TOTAL: 155 Consultants

The Power of MLM
Now apply the power of MLM in your calculation by adding another 1 person to each
1st Generation: 6 Consultants
2nd Generation: 36 Consultants
3rd Generation: 216 Consultants
TOTAL: 258 Consultants
If each person sells products to the retail value of R1,000 each,

Now Annique can become a full-time business with all the benefits of working from
home and earning unlimited income by motivating and helping others.
This is the power of MLM and this is how you build a strong, lasting business with
Annique. You must try and replicate your own excitement, passion and motivation
in others – but accept that some will work harder than others and go on to build
a strong business of their own. Please keep in mind that not everyone that you
approach will want to participate in the Annique Business Opportunity, and some who
do join may not carry on or continue to sell or recruit! This is why you must keep on
recruiting everyday to ensure your business keeps growing. Keep building through
recruiting first, second and third generation Consultants.
More experience = Less effort
One of the most surprising aspects of Multi-level Marketing (MLM) is the larger
your first line, the more time you have to sell. Initially, you have to establish a first
line of stable and successful Consultants with their own businesses similar to yours
(duplicating yourself), but thereafter the deeper construction of your business
happens automatically.
Most of your time will be spent training and recruiting for your own first line and
motivating your existing and new first and second line business partners.