What are the Annique-product DO’s and DON’Ts during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Most expectant mothers are cautious during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because they want to be sure that what they use and consume is safe for them and their baby. Ronel van Heerden, Annique Training Manager and mother of two boys, answers some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help put mommies-to-be minds at ease.

We all know how important the hospital bag is in preparation for baby’s arrival. Here are Ronel’s top five products that every expectant mother, must have in her kit:“Don’t forget to stock up on the full Annique Baby range to make sure baby has everything it needs before making its debut in the world!”

Hospital bag check list

1. Baby 2-1 Shampoo 200ml

2. Baby Body Lotion 200ml

3. Essense Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil 100ml

4. Liquid Skin Nutrition 100ml

5. Lifestyle Shake 500g

6..Resque Creme

Frequently asked questions

*Please note that the answers below are recommendations only. You may have underlying conditions that you may not be aware of, and therefore you should always advise that they check with their doctor or obstetrician before using any Annique products during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Q: May pregnant women use Resque ZeroAche+ and Resque Mist? A: Our recommendation would be not to use Resque ZeroAche+, Resque Mist or Resque Essence, as a precaution during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to the eucalyptus contained in these products. Resque Crème and Hair Nutrition+, however, are safe to use.

Q: May pregnant women use the Forever Healthy range during pregnancy and breastfeeding? A: Folic acid is very important and should be taken throughout the pregnancy. Taking OptiVite and OptiCalm will provide this vitamin, plus all the other co-factors needed for the development of a healthy baby. If there is a need for more Vitamin C, expectant mothers can increase their OptiC dosage throughout the day. We would also recommend using OptiFlora, OptiMega, OptiCalMagand OptiRooibos. All other Forever Healthy supplements should be avoided

Q: Will OptiCalm help for postnatal depression and is it safe to use during breastfeeding? A: It is beneficial to add OptiCalm to your daily Forever Healthy supplements pre- and post-birth and during breastfeeding, but we advise that new mothers consult their physician if they suffer from postnatal depression, as this is a more serious condition that should be treated medically.

Q: Are any of the herbs contained in Annique’s Rooibos teas unsafe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding? A: We would advise that expectant mothers drink only Rooibos tea and Green Rooibos tea regularly.

Q: Many women use the DermaLift as part of their skin-care routine. May they continue to use the machine during pregnancy and breastfeeding? A: The DermaLift I may not be used at all, as the galvanic function may be harmful to mother and baby during this time. The DermaLift II may be used, but only in Blue or Red Light Therapy mode.

Q: Is the use of Skin Detox, safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding? A: Yes, the entire Essense range is safe. In fact, we highly recommend using the Essense Sensi Crème (in conjunction with the Face Facts Liquid Skin Nutrition) every day during pregnancy to prevent skin irritations that are common during this time. The Essense Miracle Tissue Oil is another must-have to help prevent stretchmarks! Expectant mothers will also gain benefit from using Derma Block SPF 30 and Essense Moisture Serum during this time.Must-haves

Q: Are there any specific products you would recommend during pregnancy and breastfeeding? A: Yes!

There are three areas that we cover:

1. Morning sickness: The Lifestyle Shakes are a must-have during this time, as many expectant mothers can struggle with morning sickness. The Annique Lifestyle Shakes, will help mommy-to-be keep her body strong with a meal replacement that will be easier to keep down. Prepare the Shake with Rooibos or Green Rooibos tea instead of with milk, or drink the Rooibos tea on its own.

2. Stretch marks: Essense Miracle Tissue Oil will be very useful in preventing stretchmarks and should be applied during and after pregnancy.

3. Pigmentation: Use Skin Detox, Miracle Tissue Oil, DermaProtect SPF 20 and Liquid Skin Nutrition from the Essense range to combat pregnancy-related pigmentation.