How to take care of your Miglio chains

– everything you need to know
Did you know that your silver jewellery tends to darken over time? This is especially true for jewellery that is stored away and not worn often Here is a simple recipe: Add a teaspoon of dish washing liquid and 2 teaspoons tartaric acid to a bowl of hot water Add some lemon juice Soak your chains in the bowl for about 5 mins or longer if necessary – a toothbrush is also great for chains that are very intricate Remove from liquid and rinse thoroughly in clean water and then polish up with a soft cloth You’ll be surprised at the results of your efforts! Caring for your jewellery: All jewellery naturally tarnishes and occasional cleaningor polishing is needed to restore its natural patina. To preserve your Miglio jewellery for a long time to come, follow this simple advice… 1. Store all items separately 2. Avoid contact with perfumes and lotions, salt water and detergents 3. Avoid hard contact – especially with pearls or crystals 4. Do not use chemical or any commercially available jewellery cleaner or abrasives 5. Clean and polish all products with a Miglio jewellery cleaner and polish cloths