Looking after your skin year-round is important, but paying particular attention to it in winter is paramount. As the air in winter becomes cold and dry, the moisture in your skin evaporates quickly, causing dry, itchy, and flaking skin. Here are some ways you can prevent dry skin this winter.

Exfoliate More Often
Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells, which are crucially important in winter to allow moisture into the skin. Exfoliation also helps your other skin care products work more efficiently. By removing that barrier of skin from the surface it allows other products to penetrate the skin with greater ease. So, your serums and moisturisers can give your skin the maximum moisture that it needs.

Essense Enzymatic Exfoliator

Boost your eye care
When the temperatures dip and skin starts to wither, the eyes are always the first to show it. The skin around your eyes differs from the skin elsewhere on your face because it lacks both sweat and oil glands. For that reason, the delicate area around your eyes is much more prone to the effects of
dehydration. To combat this try Forever Young Eye Therapy, a rich, nutritious eye cream especially formulated to minimise fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. It helps build collagen type III in the skin which acts like cement between cells to keep them firm and healthy.

Forever Young Eye Therapy

Change to more intense moisturiser
Perhaps one of the most important and commonly overlooked steps in the dry skin game is changing to a seriously hydrating moisturiser. As the weather turns colder, we want to snuggle in
front of the heater or air conditioner, which can dehydrate our skin and result in a higher tendency of becoming dry and dull looking. Without the proper skin care measures, it could lead to an outbreak of redness, rashes, and even acne. Moisturisers are great against the dehydrating effects of winter.

Lucid Moisturiser for dry skin

Lucid Moisture Lotion for dry skin

Sensitive Soothing Moisturiser for sensitive skin

Hydrafine Moisturiser for normal to combination skin



Drink more Rooibos tea
It seems obvious that we should stay hydrated during the summer months, but as we are less likely to become thirsty during winter, our liquid intake declines. Staying hydrated is crucial to reduce the risk of chapped and peeling skin. Dull skin is another winter problem with the combination of dry air and a lack of hydration. Keep your skin glowing by drinking liquid at regular intervals, despite the fact that you may not feel thirsty.

Rooibos Herbal tea

Moisture within
Taking a fish oil supplement is particularly important in winter as it allows our cells to retain water, creating softer, subtler, and more wrinkle-free, youthful skin. It allows your skin to gain its elasticity back by nourishing and hydrating your body from the inside.Omega-3 fish oil helps to balance the skin’s pH and reduce the facial redness, bumps and visible blood vessels that come with rosacea.