Join as an Annique Consultant in one of three ways


1. Register to buy your own products monthly (minium order R600 pm)

2. Start sharing the benefits of the products and order also for friends and family earning discount on their orders.

3. Start your own business making a difference with Rooibos and add value to the people around you while earning Income. Personal sales more than R 3200 and recruiting members in your team

No registration fees

Minimum order R600 before discount (Start with 15% discount until sales exceed R3300 then 20% for life

R20 Admin fee on each order

Delivery in Gauteng R60 To Pep Store Country wide R65 or R110 to your address is outside Gauteng

Orders of R2750+ is delivered free of charge

Do monthly sales of more than R3300 and earn discount back into your bank

Start building a team and get bonus on team sales if you meet the criteria

The more you do the more you earn

Don’t delay start today

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To register as Annique Consultant send the info below as well as copy of your id to

Whatsapp 082 440 1790

or email to


What is your vision for the future?

Do you dream of:
• Owning your own successful business?
• Financial independence?
• Earning what you are really worth? An extra income, or true indirect income?
• The freedom to do things the way you want to when you want to?
• Meeting new people?
• A successful business with vision, anticipation of the future and unlimited opportunity, and you form a part of it?
• Your children’s’ successful studies?
• Your first own home or a cottage by the sea?
• Time and money to travel the world?
• Time to yourself and time for your family?
• Working from home without the hassle of traffic and spending quality time with your children, everyday?

A Unique Opportunity

Annique is an established and rapidly expanding marketing network business with a global vision, which provides exceptional support to its Consultants. You are given the opportunity to:
• Be part of an exciting, stimulating and successful business.
• Feel good about what you do.
• Improve your lifestyle.
• Work from the comfort of your own home, when and for as long as you like.
• Manage your Annique Business on a full-time or part-time basis.
• Earn extra income.
• Be a member of a team of dynamic people.
• Spend quality time with your family.
• Gain experience while earning an income.
• Earn indirect income.
• Travel to exciting foreign locations in the company of Annique’s dynamic team of
Consultants and managers for training and development.
• Convert your time into money to the benefit of your family

Your own business

Starting your own business is an exciting challenge. To ensure it is as profitable and exciting, one should select the right business. One that will suit your personality and personal style. If you are truly thrilled and passionate about the business you own, people are immediately drawn to you and your business. However, there are a few things to consider when you want to set up your own business:
• A new enterprise costs money. If you cannot get a bank to finance your business, the normal route towards owning a business is closed to you.
• Employing staff is a serious matter, and planning and budgeting for the financial implications are even more difficult.
• Government regulations on enterprises are very strict and complicated. The best way (for an ordinary person) to start a business is from his/her own home, is when the business does not require large investments, risks, complying with special regulations, keeping stock, payment of rent and wages, etc. You can even pay family members (children) wages instead of pocket money. A business that has been established for a few years may even create a future career for the children.

What is the ideal home business?

It has been proven throughout the world, that multilevel marketing or MLM is the ideal home business. It is a business that allows you to learn while you earn. There are no territorial limitations, no ceiling on your performance. The most fascinating aspect of MLM is the fact that you duplicate your input by recruiting other people and by introducing them to the business. In this way you “duplicate” your income by generating a “time-lever” with fellow Consultants of Annique products you recruit to, create residual income for yourself and others.

What does Multilevel Marketing (MLM) mean?

MULTILEVEL marketing concerns the way in which an Independent Consultant is remunerated, namely receiving discounts on the sales he/she achieves and additional discounts on the sales of his/her network.
The Consultant is also rewarded for the sales of people he/she has recruited (introduced), trained and motivated to start their own Annique Business.
MLM is:
• A legal and fair enterprise.
• A way to have more time to yourself and your family.
• A means of achieving self-actualisation.
• A serious business.
• A vast and rapidly expanding enterprise.
• An elementary concept.
• An opportunity offered to everyone, without any discrimination on the grounds of age, training, sex, race, beliefs, etc.
• A practical, fair and effective system.
• A low-pressure sales technique.
• An exceptional system to generate indirect, residual or annuity income

How to become Successful

Find a product that you feel passionate about and use the products yourself

Give it time to build your business. The more time you spend the faster it will grow

Up your skills Invest in yourself and do everyday self development Listen to videos Read books

Work hard to reach your goals. Set goals and take action Plan do review until you there

Network marketing is not overnight get rich it is building a business over time that will last and give you freedom