Remember the more time you spend on your business the more the business will grow

Take the first 15 minutes to 1 hour and review goals and plan your diary first thing in the morning

Review your project 100 list. This is a list of at least 100 persons in your life right now. Family and friends. Remember to add the cashier at the shop you use, the receptionist at your dentist.

Devide your list between possible customers and recruits.

Take each day time in your schedule to call a at least 5-10 people making an appointment or talk to them about your life and your business.

Ask for referrals If 10 people give you three names you have 30 new possible customers/recruits

Book parties weekly.  Info sessions where you introduce your product or business opportunity, Pamper parties where guests can feel the products

Every Sunday night take time to review your goals and plan your week ahead.

Use the products yourself If you can talk from experience it will make the sales easier

Have a passion for what you do the customers can see that and want to join with you.