What is sensitive skin?

Although not a “skin type” but rather a symptom caused by different factors, Sensitive Skin is characterised by frequent redness, burning, itching or dryness as a reaction of the topical application of skin care products or other stimuli.

A healthy skin functions to maintain balance by protecting the body against external influences, while regulating the levels of moisture. Much of these processes take place in stratum corneum (found in the epidermis), which is composed of lipids and cells, forming the uppermost layer of the skin.

These lipids provide stability and permeability, regulates fluid, maintains elasticity and firmness. In healthy skin, the barrier function of the stratum corneum retains moisture to prevent dryness and sensitivity.

However, their effectiveness greatly depends on enzyme activity which is often weaker in sensitive skin. As a result, the barrier function of the skin becomes compromised, resulting in water loss and enabling the penetration of irritants or other foreign bodies.

The body’s immune system now will respond by activating the inflammatory response, because it sees the irritants or commonly known as antigens, as a threat. Symptoms of sensitive skin now arise as the body’s response to maintain balance.The treatment of the sensitive skin differs from that of other skin types, and should be handled with care and dedication. Our step by- step treatment of this skin was tested by our Consultants and the results were positive throughout.

Products for the Sensitive Skin:

Treatment for the Sensitive Skin:
Drink at least 3 to 6 cups of Rooibos tea every day or 3 OptiRooibos capsules per day? (Rooibos contains many minerals which are
essential for the effective treatment of the skin.)
• Are you prepared to use our Forever Healthy range for at least 3 months? (The improvement of the skin depends on the health of the body.)

How does one distinguish the sensitive skin from other skin types?
• Broken veins on the cheeks
• Sensitive to the sun
• Skin smarts and feels tight
• History of sensitivity to skin care products
• The customer usually knows she has a very sensitive skin
• Sensitive eyes that get puffed up easily
• Cheeks that blushes easily- when irritated, with the use of wine, or in warm or cold weather conditions
• Itchy and burning skin.

Step-by-step treatment of the sensitive skin:
Step 1:
Start with the Resque Crème or Sensi Crème. It should be used as CLEANSER, MOISTURISER, NIGHT CREAM AND MASQUE. Water or soap
may not be used. The skin must be rinsed with Rooibos or Green Rooibos. The selected Annique foundation may be used during the day
as protection against the sun. This step should be repeated 10-14 days in a row. A customer with a long history of sensitive reactions should
repeat the first step for a longer period than the recommended 10-14 days. After 10-14 days:
Step 2:
In addition to the gentle Resque Crème/Sensi Crème, the Essense Miracle Tissue Oil should be used as treatment. Start with one application per day, increasing gradually, depending on the needs and absorption ability of the skin. The Resque Crème or Sensi Crème is, therefore, used as cleanser, moisturiser and masque, but the Miracle Tissue Oil is now used as treatment, together with Resque Crème or Sensi Crème. After a further 10-14 days:
Step 3:
If no reaction occurs with the use of the Miracle Tissue Oil and the Resque Crème/ Sensi Crème, proceed to the third step. Steps one, two and
three are now combined and should be followed simultaneously. The Essense Derma Protect SPF 20 should be applied daily, in addition to the Resque Crème or Sensi Crème, to protect the skin. A further 10-14 days later:
Step 4:
The customer may now apply Forever Young Crème de Nuit. If no reaction is perceived, the quantity may be increased. Should the skin show
a sensitive reaction, steps one, two and three should be followed for a further ten days – use of the Crème de Nuit is delayed a while longer.
This may seem like an exhausting process, but it is essential, and eventually enables the customer to use a limited range of products. This method should satisfy the needs of the skin: cleansing, nourishment, stimulation, moisture and protection. At this stage, the customer now uses the Resque Crème/Sensi Crème, Crème de Nuit, Foundation, Essense Derma Protect SPF 20 and Essense Miracle Tissue Oil. After a further 10-14 days:
Step 5:
Until now the customer has followed steps one, two, three and four in a row. The customer continues to clean her face with the Resque
Crème/Sensi Crème but, provided everything goes smoothly, she may now progress to a proper Annique cleanser. The skin should still be treated with care, and all movements on the skin should be light. It is important to keep the skin as calm as possible – no sun, weather exposure, wind or soap and water. And, for the time being, no massage at a beauty salon. Press the cleanser on lightly and rinse with lukewarm Rooibos. Afterwards the Crème de Nuit, more Resque Crème/Sensi Crème, Essense Derma Protect and Foundation should be applied. After yet another 10-14 days:
Step 6:
Two months have already passed since the therapy for the sensitive skin has commenced. The customer’s skin is now ready for the use of a gentle freshener. The Annique Freshener is essential for the restoration of the pH balance of the skin after cleansing. This balance should be maintained to protect the skin against penetration by bacteria, which may cause infections. Spray the Liquid skin Nutrition onto the face over the Resque Crème/Sensi Crème and, during the day, over the make-up. 10-14 days after this:
Step 7:
The Annique Essense Skin Detox and/or the Revitalising Cream may now be added to the skin care routine. The Forever Young Revitalising Cream should only be used once per week for the first month; twice per week for the second month, etc. The Forever Young Revitalising Cream is then used at night with the Crème de Nuit, Resque Crème Sensi Crème and Essense Miracle Tissue Oil, after which the Hydrafine Skin Refining Freshener is sprayed on.
Step 8:
The Essense Moisture Masque may now be used as a gentle stimulant. The masque should initially be mixed in three equal parts with Resque Crème/Sensi Crème and Forever Young Revitalising Cream to prevent over stimulation. The masque should initially not be left on for longer than ten minutes. Since the Essense Moisture Masque does not harden, it may be wiped off with a moist facial cloth.
Step 9:
Add the Forever Young Eye Therapy. Avoid direct contact with the eyelids during the first months of application. Sensitiv moisturiser can be added as day cream.
Step 10:
Other treatments may be experimented with. The whole idea of the step-by-step process is to get the sensitive skin, which is a deviation, as close as possible to the normal skin. As the skin eases, the texture and appearance of the skin will improve.