To get new customers and recruits

You can use texts to prospect. Just remember, the goal is to set up a meeting so that you can sit down with them face to face. So, here are few ways you can do that:

Invite them to coffee – Don’t even mention anything about the opportunity, just see if they want to meet and catch up. If distance is a problem, ask for something like a Skype call.

Ask for their help – This works well for family and close friends. Tell them you are working towards a goal or getting started on a project and was wondering if they could help by trying out the product and letting you know what they think. Then ask to meet and discuss it further.

 To existing customers or new prospects

Create a broadcast list for customers NOT A GROUP

Keep them updated on Specials from the Beaute or the added weekly specials from Home office on a weekly basis

Try not to send more than one picture or text per day. Do not send a lot of pictures or info at once

Send at least once a week a picture of text

Not only send specials but also send product information and benefits

Send your offers during office hours, don’t wake your customers at midnight or on Sunday afternoon.