Why join as Annique Consultant making a difference with Rooibos?

I shared my Annique story why I joined Annique Rooibos and what I want to achieve. Each one of has a own story

Each Consultant has its own story and testimonials to tell.

You can join as Annique Consultant for different reason:

  1. Be a VIP Customer and buy products for own use
  2. Sell to Family and friends
  3. Building a Annique Business creating an Income stream for yourself

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Read some of our Consultant Annique Stories

My storie het begin met Annique al jare terug. Ek gebruik Annique al baie lank en wou al konsultant word, maar het gevoel ek is nie regtig ‘n verkoops persoon nie.  Toe op ‘n dag wat ek besluit het om aan te sluit en te sien wat gebeur. Ek het begin net deur die produkte op afslag te koop. Ek het later van my vriendinne gesê ek verkoop Annique en so nou en dan bestel hulle ook darem iets.  Later het ek sommer van die tee begin koop en aangehou by ons winkel en so het mense dit gesien en begin koop. Dit is nou nie baie nie, maar ‘n begin. So het ek darem na ‘n ruk terug een konsultant gewerf van Port Elizabeth sommer so oor whatsapp waar sy ‘n produk by my gesoek het nadat ek dit geadverteer het op FB. Graag wil ek ander help om ook hulle beste self te wees deur ‘n goeie vel roetine te kweek en hopenlik kan ek verder en grote groei. Mense kry maar swaar en het nie altyd geld om die produkte te koop nie, maar dit maak ‘n verskil in jou selfbeeld as jy goed lyk
Martia Landman

I signed up to sell to family and friends and the 3rd bullet aswell. “Buisness Builder to recruit other people and guide them to grow to their potential”
Adré van der Merwe 

I just order for myself but haven’t due to medical bills.
Bernie Young

I bought Annique products in the past and fell inlove with it.
I decided I wanted to share my joy with friends and family and joined the team.
This way I can purchase for myself at discounted prices and also build a business.
Thank u for the opportunity
Natasha Abrahams
I would like to begin by saying thank you for the opportunity and the reason why I joined Rooibos is because it is an excellent product with a beautiful background story. Also I’ve joined for all three reasons I like to achieve a strong client base creating a stable income for me as a single mom to start building on a new empire and grow to a well operating small business.
Marinda Earl
I joined Annique Róoibos a bit over a year ago mostly to be successful and receive rewards and incentives for sales and enjoying the benefits of Annique health and beauty products.I heard about Annique first on radio pulpit wow awesome!!And then Anna Marie your growth and success has been a great encouragement to me as I have felt like giving up many many times….I’m still hanging in there trusting God for a breakthrough and thank YOU for your great encouragement..So I’m waiting. Watch this space.
Bev Mackay
I joined so I can resell, know more about the product and sustain my business.
Tebatso Mamabo
I joined to sell to family and friends and would like to use for more financial freedom
Elzilea Botes

My wife told my about Annique rooibos and she was interested. I decide to support her. I joined under her.
I also want to get extra money I want to prepare for my retirement We want to have our own Beauty shop  business
 What I aim to achieve is to make money in order to visit New york vI want to buy a good second hand car in 2025.I want to own a beauty shop to achieve my wife dream.
Phumlani Nkosi
As an Annique Independant Consultant I joined 3 years ago. At first I joined as a VIP Consultant just to get the 20% off the awesome products just for myself. I loved the products as I had been buying them for many years from Mary-Ann before joining.I wanted to make a difference with rooibos and earn some extra income so I decided to sell to friends and family.Afterwards I decided to build a team so that I could share the benefits of the awesome products and the business opportunity with others.
Carol Anne Hogg

I registered as a consultant as I want to start using the weight-loss products myself and I want to inspire my husband, friends and family to join me and then maybe, this will take me somewhere I could never have imagined.
Rona Joubert

I was introduced to rooibos tea by my mum when I was around 9 or 10 years old. I grew up with rooibos tea and also grew my children up with it. Even my grandkids were taught to drink it. I later saw the chamomile and ginger tea at stores and was thrilled. What fascinated me the most was when I learnt that there was not only tea in the rooibos range but many other products. Thanks to Mary-Ann for introducing me to Annique Rooibos and getting me started. I know just from drinking the tea what great effects it has, I can only imagine the impact all the other products have.
Diana Mandri
My journey started years ago after I had my daughter whose my second born.  I’m a mother of two wonderful,  blessings and beautiful children.  My son is a first born. Growing up and after my son I’ve never been a fat or obese person , but after the birth of my daughter actually after she was 6months old I started to gain weight and having  hyperpigmentation because of hormones.  I think because I was breastfeeding which I loved iand enjoyed doing so much.  That’s the best feeling ever to breastfeed  and it creates a very strong bond.I didn’t like  the way I looked and felt  but because I loved my baby so much  I couldn’t trade that for anything.  My children are the best thing that happened to me. But I never stopped loving myself,  I  tried all I could  to change but with no success. I don’t mean these treatments and products don’t work it’s just that they were bad for me. I believe we must always take good care of ourselves.  If doctors could make one look 10 years younger  with the  operation for facelift and liposuction. I prefer to go the more healthy way as God says our youth will be renewed like an eagle’s. I registered as a VIP Member to buy my own products at discount I want to loose weight and be in good health. After I reach my goal target I  want to start the group for women, about  health and beauty. Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health. Then I’ll start selling the Annique products to the group because I’ll know how it works
Gugu Binda

I am selling  to family and friends, I want to do al 3 options, and build a business.
Yolanda van Lill

My journey as an Independent Annique Consultant, I am sure, starts just like every other story.
2023 came with a lot of challenges, adaptions and difficulties.  Every increasing life costs and no increase in income had me revisit an old hobby that died down during Covid, as a means to earn an extra income.
My online Health and Beauty page – Change my life Health and Beauty with Monique was Reborn in Feb 2023 and I wss looking for something Fresh and Exciting to bring to the ladies in Richardsbay.
I saw an Annique consultants add on our Empangeni page and realised Ive never seen anyone promote this brand on our Richardsbay groups.
I was hesitant at first – I’ve never been a consultant for resales and I didnt think I would benefit with sales etc yet in March 2023 something in me said take the leap of faith and I haven’t looked back in regret since.
Not only am I enriching and helping improve the lives of my beautiful clients with the Annique Rooibos products, I myself have chaned all of my multivitamins to Annique and benefit from what I do as a consultant.
I have met so many beautiful ladies, shared so many personal stories and testimonials of the product and I am growing steadily within my own team.
The peak of my week ever since has been packing my clients Annique orders, gifting them with Freebies or Samples and getting feedback on how they benefit from the product.
Not only has Annique given me an opportunity to substitute an extra income, it has helped me make healthier life changes,  it is enriching the lives of my clients and enabled me to bring the benefit of Annique Rooibos to my town.
The returning ladies with their own beautiful testimonials, the setting of goals and achieving it and the happy faces of ly ladies makes the hard work, planning and dedication absolutely 100^ worth it.
In the six months of being an Independent consultant with Annique I have had such a refreshing and rewarding journey – here is to walking this journey together with the Annique family for the days to come.
As I end of this testimonial I am reminded by my favourite phrase I add to my “Thank you” cards ~ May all your days be Happy, Healthy Annique filled days.
Yours in Health and Beauty
Monique Malherbe
Also suffering from acne scarring and blemishes and wanting to find a solution to my ageing skin … every woman in the world is searching for that fountain of youth and that unattainable desire to reverse or slow down the signs of aging

Mine is such a story or how i truly became to know about Anniques “ potent products”

All of the above  reasons made me join as Consultant, however I have known about Annique for  years but never had a true testimonial and thought it was just another beauty product company with no results.
Till one day in 2021 my cousin and I were talking over some photos and she showed me when she was frying food when hot oil splattered and the contents she was frying burst as well, all over her face and her burns were terrible, she was devastated and it was her face, cheeks , forehead , neck and it was so bad, her sister in law told her and recommended Annique Resque Cream and the Miracle Tissue Oil, she showed me pictures and her before and after,  using only those 2 products only and she has no scars, no marks and her face is flawless…i could not believe that she even had such bad face burns because it had healed remarkably
Intrigued , wowed and amazed I wanted to know more because I never trust testimonials till I can review something myself or a from very trusted unpaid source.
I did some research , read up and wanted to try those 2 products because of what they do, I contacted Annique and the rest is history … here I am

PS I have had a few splashes and bursts of oil and i dont go for my burn shield, I go for my Resque cream immediately and then my miracle tissue oil
Karen Padayache

I came back to Pennington after a year in Durban to help my friend who is much older. Than I. She was in hospital for 9 months with amputations and was very weak. Sickly and depressed.
Just having lost my Mom and sister 4 months a part last year. And my two sons getting ready to immigrate to Britain.
I needed someone to care for as I’m the only sister left and felt so alone, stressed and depressed. With all the time on my hand. I dived into training myself Amigurumi crocheting creating unique dolls for money.
I joined Memory’s whatsapp group for company and to help with her website flea market, as her article’s were very interesting and that’s when I saw the Annique Rooibos Tea’s advert. which I love. And started following her Annique business for a few months.  I really enjoyed reading on the Annique website and studied the products details and fell in love with the product. Although I didn’t have the money to try the products. I decided to join to help myself financially selling a products that I really liked.
I contacted her and become a consultant  with Mary-Ann as my sponsor and 4 months down the line I am still enjoying promoting all the products with all my mistakes, learning curves and successes.
I Finished my courses on Annique which i thoroughly  enjoyed and selling good products to my customer’s that I trusted.
And not to mention the discounts, bonuses and incentives that I receive. Have helped me through tough months.
Getting involved with Annique Rooibos has changed my attitude,  outlook on my future and built up my confidence once again.
My goals is to grow a strong team matching my own passion for the products.
Educating and having fun selling, pamper parties with my team.
I want to become financially stable to help me in my immediate situation and for my pension years.  While Stiill enjoying Annique Rooibos products.
I will become a strong sponsor/leader in Annique Rooibos helping others to also become financially stable while enjoying promoting and selling the products.
By meeting my financial goals in place each month.
My Spnsor has been the most valuable asset in my business, her ecouragement, trainging and friendship has made me so confident that I can do this. And by her example I know I will make it to the top.
Charmain Squire

I first encountered Annique Rooibos in 1995 after I’d bought my health shop in Queensborough KZN.

My youngest son (born in 1993) had bad eczema, and I didn’t want to go the cortisone route. I met up with a lady called Irma Scutte and she got me onto herbal and homeopathic remedies. I was really impressed with her knowledge and kindness which made me want to do the same for other people.
I trained as a beauty therapist in 1975 with Guerlain and Joan Lawrence in Margate so I had a beauty and slimming background. Long story short, when a health shop came on the market in my town, I was able to purchase it and grew from there. In the health industry, one has to know your products, so we always attended any functions that were available from our suppliers. I was lucky to meet one of the world’s top speakers, Dr. John F. Demartini.  I had a homeopathic practitioner working with me plus other therapists. So I was lucky.
One of the products I came across was Annique Rooibos but then their range was small – just skin products and more for allergies like eczema. It did help Johnathen but there is a lot more than applying skin creams and that was a long road in gaining knowledge to help my family and others through spaces in their health.
In the years that followed to now, (you never stop learning) I trained further in Body Life Alignment, Aromatherapy, Iridology, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy,  Reiki, and coaching.
Now that I’ve retired and living here at Gamtoos, I’m grateful to reconnect with Annique and I enjoy sharing it with friends and family. We will see how the future goes from here – should be interesting.
Jacqui Crombie
I became an Annique Rooibos consultant because I would like to be part of the spread of great products. The resque products especially have saved me from very bad sinusitus a whole lot of times. I am also a fan of the refresh spray for the face and i want to share these great experiences with others.Laré Marais
My neighbour Frank Kerry knew I needed something to keep me busy and could do with an extra income.
Every time I saw him he kept on telling me to speak to his daughter in law Marié. To stop him pestering me about Annique, I decided to speak to Marie.
When we met, I was so stressed out that Marie took the opportunity to introduce me to OptiCalm. I was hesitant but she insisted it will help to calm me down. That lady had so much passion which was tangible, she lived and breathed Annique.
When I joined in 2017, I was excited but never knew how Annique would impact my life.
Marie immigrated to England a few months later and left me in the capable hands of Anna-Marie Craven. I was like a sponge and could not wait to attend training meetings and do all the courses on the Academy.
Ps. I was so excited to attend training, I’m sure Anna-Marie wanted to kick me out of her meetings because I spoke too much? Anna-Marie leads by example and in the best leader I could wish for.
Being involved in huge name brands before in the MLM market, I was used to hard work but without seeing the financial benefit.
For the first time, I started seeing the benefits that Annique offers their consultants. At Annique you are not just a number but an individual who forms an integral part of their business.
In 2018, when I attended my first Annique Premiere, it was exciting to see the people on stage being recognised for their achievements. I told the people at our table that I’m going to be on stage at the next Premiere. Needless to say I forgot what I had said.
In 2019, I was overwhelmed when I was called up on stage at the Premiere for a title promotion. It’s then that my my words came back to me.  What you say you will get!!!!

Most important lessons learnt from my Annique journey:

✅ Be teachable, you don’t know it all
✅ Attend functions and training
✅ Believe in yourself
✅ Don’t compare yourself to others
✅ Be consistent, try and try again
✅ Don’t be desperate to sell
✅ Get to know your products
✅ Share the opportunity
Mary-Ann Pretorius

ANNIQUE has been a household name for many South Africans like me. My Mother has been using ANNIQUE for the past 30 years without fail. I used ANNIQUE skincare products in my thirties but changed to other more ‘popular’ brands over the years.

September 2022 my Mother fell ill and after a lengthy hospital stay she was discharged and referred for specialised wound care at Christiaan Barnard hospital in Cape Town.

The specialist wound care Nurse who took care of my Mothers wound also consulted at a Plastic Surgeons practice. As we chatted I asked him about the skin care range used at the plastic surgeons practice as skincare was first and foremost at these facilities. He did not hesitate and said that they use ANNIQUE products and recommend it to all their patients.

Wow! I was speechless! I was expecting some expensive, very exclusive range with some crazy results!

I couldn’t stop thinking about this and back home decided to scratch around online and see what ANNIQUE was up to in my absence… maybe I could even try one of the products…

I then came across Annemarie’s website and was intrigued by the possibility of earning some extra money while testing the products. I decided to give it a go and start very slowly, just in case I don’t like it. But I was so impressed with the products and decided to stay a bit longer.

I have a special interest in Nutrition and was pleasantly surprised with the Health supplement range that is so on par with the current trends in the Health and Wellbeing field.

For now I am using the products and is selling to family and friends. In the near future I would like to open a Health Coach/consultant practice and sell and recommend the ANNIQUE products to my clients.

I look forward to my journey with ANNIQUE!
Mariette Aucamp

I joined because I wanted to boost my business as a Nail Technician.
I want my business to grow to a higher level.
Fikile Nkosi

It started 3days after I wad born….my mother….. sisters and the doctor battle to let me drink my mothers breastmilk I was only three days old but refuse to drink milk and the only solution was weak ROOIBOS TEA. Why ROOIBOS because the dr….sisters and grandma believe that it is the only way to feed me because it is healthy and I emjoyed it. Till today I am not drinking milk at all. I will start my day with Annique Rooibos any flavour. That was only the beginning of my life with ROOIBOS.

My mother started using Annique and her skin was glowing but after my father passed away she stop
Then my yourney started with Annique when I met Annemarie and she introduce me to Annuque. I think I was her first customer and later start as a consultant.
I am getting a lot of  compliments because of my skin I am not going without my Annique. I got again this morning compliments they cant believe what my age are because my skin is beautiful and dont give my age away. When my kids was babies they also get their Rooibos in the place of water and their bones and teeth are strong and healthy.
So my daughter who got Lupus is also using Annique not only skin product but some of the healthy profucts as well. She got red marks on her cheeks because of the Lupus and I spoke to Annemarie to get the write product for her and she said lets see what the Skin Nutrition is doing and it helps a lot she is still using it and beside the little rush still on her face her skin looks fantastic.
Thanks for Annique/Rooibos 75yrs ago.
Rina vd Merwe
I have been trying to start a business that will take me to a fulfilling and catered retirement.
I understand i cannot start my business on retirement but rather build it as i go.
I have tried few other businesses but nothing could satisfy me in terms of the compensation plan.
I have found something i am passionate about.
I started selling skin care product from the age of  16 years selling products called Petro skin care by a lady in Mountain view Pretoria.
I cannot recall how i benefitted profit wise but i enjoyed it and the meetings,the high teas back in 1994.
I would really want to see myself with a beauty bar one of the good days.
I am enjoying selling products that have real testimonies.
Thank you Anna-Marie for your adverts ,I am where’s am today because of you,
Jeniffer Ramela
Ek was baie jonk toe ek die eerste keer van Annekie Theron gehoor het.  Dit was toe nog net die rooibos tee.  Nooit gedink ek sou later ‘n “warm” konsultant word . Nadat ek na my ouers omgesien het tot hul dood en my eie gesondheid agter uitgegaan het, het ek  agter geraak met Annique maar opgewonde om weer deel te wees
Cecilia v Vuuren
I want to become I consultant as Annigue Rooibos has help me with my problem acne that I was struggling with for years but when I started using Annique Rooibos products it was only a few months and it went away and with that it brought back my confidence. I want to be a consultant so I can help other people get their confidence back after they lost it through their acne.
Pria Pyne-Cupido