Night creams should be an integral part of your skin care regimen, especially if you are over 30. Night creamsare special formulations that are designed to nourish and improve your skin while you sleep. They contain a range of powerful moisturising and nourishing ingredients that help diminish the appearance of ageing signs and enhance the overall skin quality

Why at night?

The skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients is the highest during the night. Night time is also when the skin loses the maximum amount of essential moisture.

The difference between day creams and night creams

The difference between day creams and night creams are due to the different kind of ingredients they contain.

Day creams have a lighter texture and contain ingredients that moisturise the skin and protect it against the harmful environment and moisture loss.

Night creams on the other hand are richer formulations. They contain more nourishing and anti-ageing ingredients that stimulate the cell renewal process and promote the production of collagen and elastin fibers.

They help to enhance the skin’s elasticity and reduce the visible signs of ageing, like wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

Do you have to use your day moisturiser with your night cream?

South Africa’s harsh climatic conditions take a toll on our skins. Annique’s moisturisers and night creams are unique and different in that they have been formulated with this, challenge in mind.

Annique’s philosophy is also unique and different, in that we believe the most important aspect of our skin care routine is to add enough moisture throughout the day to our skins.

Annique’s night creams can also be categorised as treatment products, due to the active ingredients they contain and the specific skin concerns they address. The skin is also far more susceptible to healing and absorbing nutrients from Annique skincare products as we sleep. Therefore to ensure that you receive the full benefit from your night cream, it is strongly recommended that you use your moisturiser each day with your preferred night cream each night.

Choose your best night cream:

Normal Basic Night Cream

Anti-ageing night cream 

Lucid night cream for dry and mature skin

Normal and Combination skin