Vision of Annique is “we create life-changing opportunities”. You, as part of the Annique family, are also now able to change your own life and the lives of others through Annique’s wonderful products and by introducing others to the Annique business opportunity.

The Health & Skincare Products are of exceptional quality. The products have been developed specifically for South African climatic conditions and product prices are really competitive. Annique also offers an excellent compensation plan with motivating rewards and recognition tot successful consultants. You are in business for yourself, but never by yourself, because Annique Home Office offers support with training, sales aids, products, etc.

Annique has been functioning on a network marketing system for some time. One of the most enjoyable benefits is that every Annique consultant can now build up her own business, receive a passive income and not only rely on sales for an income. This implies that when you recruit consultants to join Annique, their sales also count towards your group sales figure. On that you then receive additional discount when your group sales reaches a certain level (compare the profit plan/ additional discount table).

Network marketing was the largest growth industry for the past 70 years, and offers excellent opportunities. It is also recession proof – when people battle in a bad economy, they need additional income to keep up their living standard. Network marketing offers the solution, because you can practice in part time, in addition to a full time position. It offers unbelievable opportunities to those who want to jump in full time as well – your input determines your income.


Earn up to 40% income on your personal sales

Receive bonus back into your own bank account if you orders exceed R3 200 (exl non-discountables and VAT) in a month as an additional discount with Annique’s unique Compensation plan

Sell affordable top quality health and beauty products

Earn supplementary income

Manage your own hours

Earn great rewards in the fast start program

Qualify for oversea incentive

View the Product range include skin care,body care, Baby care Cosmetics Perfume Herbal teas Lifestyle shake Supplements

Get access to discount on your orders, weekly specials, tips and tricks!

Start today Making a difference with Rooibos

1. Use Annique products and order monthly health and beauty products then you can benefit to become a member.

2. Start selling to your friends and family and earn income on your orders through the discount you receive.

3. Build a business by recruiting others to do the same, and earn on team sales if your team order more than R6500 in a month.

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